About Marine Service

Marine Service is a family-owned company founded by Dr. Karl-Heinz Krämer in 1958. Today Marine Service is one of the market leaders in marine consultancy, LNG/LPG technology and offshore wind power. Since 2017 the company is managed by Christian Krämer in the 3rd generation of the owning family.

Apart from providing our traditional services such as marine consultancy, newbuilding supervision and plan approval, Marine Service drives the transition of the maritime industry towards a more efficient and lower carbon future.

Marine Service developed its own LNG fuel gas system for cruise vessels, ferries and other ship types. Six Marine Service LNG fuel gas systems are already in operation on board of vessels delivered between 2018 and 2020.

In addition to LNG as a fuel Marine Service is also working on projects with alternative green fuels such as hydrogen, Bio-LNG, methanol, ethanol, ammonia and synthetic methane.

Our expertise lies in environmentally friendly technologies and renewable sources of energy.

Marine Service is also one of the experts for consultancy related to the construction of offshore wind power converter platforms.

Company history