Wind power

Power is not won by losing it once again.

We help you harness wind energy; off-shore wind energy presents the most promising opportunity for the generation of ‘green energy’. Marine Service draws on its five decades of technical and commercial experience in the maritime industry for the construction of special converter platforms for the operation of offshore wind parks.

Pioneering solutions – we can show you how to convert know-how into energy.

Deep sea converter platforms

Offshore wind parks generate their green energy in the form of alternating voltage. By means of special converter platforms, this voltage is converted to direct current. This cuts down the losses in energy transmission through the power lines running across the seabed.

For the efficient use of this ‘green energy’ generated through offshore wind parks, Marine Service has developed many special solutions and services for the installation of converter platforms. We assist you with the design concept, preparation of specifications, review of design drawings, approval procedures and with project management and supervision of the offshore installations and the technical platform management for such projects. We also plan all maintenance activities to ensure the smooth operation of the platform.




Supervision of offshore installations

After the construction of the platform, Marine Service also supervises the installation of the topside on the base frame. We also manage its operation and maintenance, on request.


Design of offshore platforms

Marine Service is your expert partner starting from the planning and design phase.

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Senior Engineer, Marine Service
“There will be no energy turnaround without offshore wind energy, We support you in finding solutions to bring the energy back onshore.”