LNG power barge

Become self-reliant, get your power supply at the port from a floating ‘power station’. Marine Service has acquired special expertise in the development of LNG power barges.

We study technical and commercial feasibility and also design and assist with the construction of these special LNG energy units for offshore power supply of ships. These floating “power stations” are also fitted out LNG tank containers developed by us.




LNG as Fuel

LNG is considered to be an environmentally friendly fuel. Marine Service develops optimal solutions for the fitting and refitting of ships.


LNG Transport

From classic LNG transport, we developed the first LNG tank container for ship operations in the world; it is a dangerous goods container as well as a bunker.

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Senior Cryogenic Engineer, Marine Service
“More than 50 years of experience in LNG make us pushing the boundaries every day a little further to provide you with the solution you need.”