LNG as Fuel

Environment friendly alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important year after year. Marine Service recognized this trend very early on. One of the alternatives is LNG, which is an environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles, ships and railways.

Marine Service not only provides assistance with the new building of LNG-powered vessels, but also tests and designs the conversion of vessels from conventional propulsion systems to LNG propulsion. We also design the supply through LNG bunker barges.

Expertise in consulting and technical know-how – we have demonstrated our capabilities at a global level in a range of projects over decades and by developing our own transport processes and engineering and logistics concepts for LNG.

LNG refit

Marine Service tests what works and how it works: We are your reliable partner for the fitting of new ships and conversion of different types of vessels to maritime LNG propulsion solutions. We conduct technical and commercial feasibility studies, design, construction supervision, testing and handle the complete project management including preliminary class approvals and FEED analyses.

LNG Transport Containers

Pioneering Solutions – we set new benchmarks: Marine Service was responsible for the project planning of the world‘s first LNG tank container with type approval for the fitting and refitting of ships to run on LNG. These LNG tank units were approved for use for fuel storage on board and vacuum insulated for longer hold times for the fuel. The refueling of the container is done in a protected zone. In this way the loading and unloading operations of the ship are not affected during the LNG refueling. If you are a ship operator, you can benefit from using environmentally friendly LNG while utilizing the existing infrastructure for standardized containers.




 tank containers
A milestone in marine propulsion systems: The first LNG tank container with type approval – project planning by Marine Service.



Based on traditional LNG transport, we developed the first LNG tank container for ship operations in the world which is a dangerous goods container as well as a bunker.


Power Barge

With its own propulsion and a quick change of LNG tank containers, our power barge allows the flexible power supply at the port.

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